Our services

Business advice and company management

Incorporation and management of companies under Swiss law

Acquisitions and disposals

Company domiciliation services

Assumption of mandates as directors, managers and proxies

Staff management

General secretarial services

Accounting and administrative management for SMEs and individuals

Bookkeeping in general

Preparation of annual accounts based on Swiss principles

Preparation of VAT reports

Management (salaries, social insurances, withholding taxes, work permits)

Accounting and administrative consultancy

Tax advice

Preparation of tax statements for legal persons

Preparation of tax statements for natural persons

Tax planning for natural and legal persons

Swiss VAT advice and management of formalities

Withholding tax and stamp duty

Representation with tax authorities

Advice for individuals

Transfer of residence, relocation, household goods

Residents and work permit formalities

Lease contract formalities

General insurance formalities

Secretarial and administrative work in general

Legal advice

Preparation and evaluation of contracts in general, according to national regulations

Advice on employment, leasing and corporate law