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Same company, new look…

Dear customers, it’s been a wonderful experience sharing five years of my life with you. During this time,  I have lived through some very far-reaching and significant events that I would like to tell you about.

In February 2013 I joined Agus Fiduciaire SA as Deputy Manager, providing the company with my professional knowledge and above all my fiduciary accountancy licence, which is an essential requirement for working legally in our Canton. In 2015, I was appointed Manager and in 2016 an initial restructuring of the AGUS group led to our company name being changed from Agus Fiduciaire SA to Agus Corporate Services SA. I immediately threw myself body and soul into this project, which I really believe in. I invested in terms of time and effort as well as financially. We have lived through very difficult periods, due to structuring within the company and national and international legal changes. This forced us to drastically review the type of services offered and above all our customer base. My firm intention from the outset has been to focus my attention mainly on local customers, offering accounts, tax and administrative management services to SMEs and individuals. 

In 2017, I decided the time was ripe to consolidate my position and in December the same year, I finally achieved my dream of becoming sole proprietor of the company.

It was only natural that I would want to put my own personal stamp on the company after making this great step, so I chose a new name and amended the company purpose to reflect the services offered. 

Agus Corporate Services SA became Arent SA. Same company with a new look, but above all same professionalism, conscientiousness and transparency, plus the politeness and consideration that has become our trademark. With the aid of my colleagues I will continue to offer services that are fully legally compliant and tailored to meet the needs of our customers. 

It only remains for me to thank you for your time and above all for the trust you have placed in me and the company I represent.

Best regards.

Arent SA
Roberta Frigerio

Sole director

The team

Roberta Frigerio

Sole director and owner

Trust company with federal accountancy
certification gained in 2008

Registered in the Canton of Ticino Register of
Trust companies since 2013

Committee Member of Swiss Union of Trust companies, Ticino Section


Denise Bulloni

AFC commercial employee